Monroe Doctrine Simulation

Monroe Simulation

I have created here a simulation for students to decide how they would have acted had they been leaders of countries like Britain, France, Portugal, Britain, America and newly founded Latin American countries in the early nineteenth century.  Students can compare how their choices compare to the choices made by actual diplomats and presidents of these countries.  The lesson plan is in what I refer to as its 1.0 stage.  A 1.0 lesson plan is the bare-bones skeleton that teacher might use in a first attempt to gague was works and doesn’t work.  A 2.0 lesson plan is one where a number of teaches have already tried it and commented on what worked and doesn’t work.  A 3.0 lesson plan would be one that already has 2.0 status and has been refined by educational theory and such things.  Hope you enjoy and use this in your classroom…

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